Turning the Kaleidoscope – Online with Impact

Image: Emily Renner and Laura Holmes-Brown

Last week saw the VE Design Team present a variety of sessions at RMIT’s Internal Vocational School of Design and Social Context Learning and Teaching conference Turning the Kaleidoscope which explored the notion of flexible and applied ways of learning in Vocational Education.

Our presentation ‘Online with impact’ showcased an approach to developing a course from scratch using templates already available within the institution. A straw poll at the start of the session indicated only 30% of participants had used Canvas Commons, a template and content repository for sharing and distributing content within the Canvas Ecosystem. A helpful insight, this showed there was a need to connect VE staff with a system that contains prebuilt resources that will save them time in developing learning experiences.

Screenshot of Canvas Commons Online with impact, the prefilled course showcasing a variety of interactive digital experiences available to RMIT Canvas authors


The workshop stepped through searching and downloading a prepopulated course from Canvas Commons – one which contained a collection of examples and types of content backed up with a pedagogical or engagement focus. Co-presenter Rebecca Summits, Senior Learning Designer, explained course and content structures that would enhance the student experience and how a scaffolded approach to course design supports effective learning.

The workshop concluded with best practice examples of different integrations of content to illustrate the variety of presentations that teachers can offer students.

Stepping through setting up a practice quiz with a VE focus in Instructure Canvas

Delivered completely online, we were delighted with the turnout (80 participants – a number typically unusual for a conventional workshop to be delivered to in a conference setting), engagement and feedback from Program managers and teachers.The entire presentation, with comments, is open to the public and can be viewed here.

The Canvas Commons resource with exemplar content can be downloaded from here.


Reader notes: Some links are to internal RMIT resources. If you’re from an external institution and would like more information, please contact us at vedt@rmit.edu.au.