Joining the VEDT as an RMIT student: Jaydene

Jaydene Callaghan headshot
Jaydene Callaghan

Jaydene has recently graduated from a Bachelor of Media and Communications from Swinburne University and is in her first semester of an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing with RMIT University.

I worked in corporate roles before returning to study, so it has been a refreshing experience joining the VEDT team and RMIT more broadly. It has been a learning curve, but the team has been so welcoming and always manage to have a laugh and a bit of fun.

I’ve had the opportunity to edit some units for the Plumbing project we are working on, getting the chance to flex my developing editing muscles – which is perfect for my study!

Lifting the veil on Canvas has been eye opening. I have been using the system for the last couple of years but had never given much thought to how much work goes into creating content for the units. Not only to comply with all the necessary regulations, but also to look impressive and be user friendly for the diverse cohort of students who will be using them.

It has been especially interesting learning about the online accessibility requirements that the VEDT team takes pride in, ensuring that everything we do is accessible to every student enrolled. The main focus of our team is tailoring the content to best suit the students who will be engaging with it, an underrated skill in education.