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Intercultural Peer Feedback

Design Pattern

: Feedback (including formative/summative)

Intercultural Peer Feedback

May 2016

Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning. In order to be powerful in its effect, there must be a learning context to which feedback is addressed. In the transnational education context, global feedback from various agents can be essential for development of students. 

This pattern promotes engagement among students across transnational locations by using feedback to improve their learning experiences. Teaching teams are encouraged use peer feedback to promote student engagement and provide an intercultural learning experience. Students from different locations share ideas and their knowledge of local business and culture online to help each team produce a Photostory and a Wiki to capture their findings.  Throughout this task, students develop peer feedback and cross-cultural communication skills, and virtual team management skills. Students from both locations capture their experience and reflect on how intercultural relationships and communication play a part in the global workforce.