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Global Peer Review

Design Pattern

: Course, Learning engagement/activities, Online Collaboration, Online learning, Video learning, Online communication, Online learning

Global Peer Review

Dr Marion Steel, Caroline Nguyen, Neha Munshaw-Bajaj and Kathleen Griffiths
December 2015

RMIT University is a global university of technology and design, with three campuses in Australia, two Vietnam and as well as worldwide partnerships.

Currently, there is little interaction between teaching staff/students in Australia and those in Vietnam. Peer review has been promoted for use among teaching staff; however it has not used as a tool among students, especially across campuses. Timetable and semester timing, different numbers of students across campuses, plus the variances in technology can lead to significant issues in sharing materials. This can have an impact on the students’ learning, the alignment with curriculum requirements and teaching delivery schedules.