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Video learning

A term applied to practice that has video at the centre of the student learning experience; usually a part of the blended or online learning experience.

Video Annotation

Kathy Douglas and Belinda Clarence

This pattern documents a process used in the Juris Doctor program to incorporate a video annotation tool into the delivery of curriculum involving simulations and role plays. Video annotation provides the opportunity for students to engage with video material in an active rather than passive mode, and can heighten collaborative group discussion and student reflection.

Global Guest Lecture

Dr Marion Steel, Caroline Nguyen, Neha Munshaw-Bajaj and Kathleen Griffiths

RMIT University is a global university of technology and design, with three campuses in Australia and two Vietnam, as well as worldwide partnerships.

Currently, there is little interaction between teaching staff/students in Australia and those in Vietnam, and the current use of digital channels is limited.


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