Diagonal bracing for hip and Dutch gable roofs

Hip and Dutch gable roofs A hip roof is a roof where ends and sides are all pitched (sloping). A Dutch gable is a hip roof that has a gable projecting from a hip and is approximately two thirds up the roof slope. require less bracing than gables. They tend to self-brace because of the sloping ends. Even so, the same concepts of span and length determine the nature and frequency of bracing. Two spans lengths need attention - spans up to 13 m and spans which are 13 to 16 m.

For spans up to 13 m, diagonal bracing is only required in the gable section between hip or Dutch gable ends. That is, between the apex of opposing ends. Specific bracing requirements depend on whether the roof length (L) is longer or shorter than the half truss span (h). The shorter scenario is shown in the diagram below.

Diagram showing plan of a roof with steelbrace. Roof length L  shown as the distance between the apex of opposing ends. Half truss span h shown as the horizontal distance from the ridge to the edge of the roof.