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Preparing Students for Intercultural Experience

The global intensives are available only to students studying in Melbourne. However, there is an opportunity for our students based in Vietnam, Singapore, China and Spain to participate in these tours. In the past these students have been denied this opportunity because of difficulties associated with pre-departure and post-tour workshops, conducted face-to-face in Melbourne.

WIL - Using Online Technologies

Anthos Yannakou, Susan Trigg, Andrew Buntine

This pattern outlines an approach to work-integrated learning (WIL) within the ‘Applied Industry Practice’ course of the MBA program, which provides the opportunity for students to gain work-relevant skills such as how to conduct quality applied industry research, while developing relevant ‘soft skills’ such as communication and presentation skills, and how to work collaboratively in teams.

Using Cloud Technologies for Multi-Program Courses

Dr Mervyn Jackson, Pauline Porcaro, Neil Goudge

The problem is this project addressed was the emerging need to deliver online School based common courses that are high quality and highly inter-active. Previously the course was run online but the only suitable text was not engaging, had a high readability index, poorly described difficult concepts and had no student support or relevant interactivities.

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