TERISSA for students

TERISSA stands for Task Evaluation and Reflection Instrument for Student Self Assessment. TERISSA can help you to further improve your grades and to become more efficient in learning. This simple technique has been used by hundreds of RMIT students with proven success. Most of the students surveyed on TERISSA stated that it has helped them in recognising their knowledge gaps, assisting them to enhance their understanding and improving in their course performance. Please try the TERISSA method.

Student testimonials

  • “Makes me see my weakness”.
  • “…forces me to consider whether I really understand the topic…”
  • “Forces self-analysis and highlights exactly which aspect/concept I was unsure about.”
  • “Made me look at my learning and understanding, and how it can be improved”.
  • “It makes you think how you are going to approach the problem.”
  • “Makes me think harder about the task before giving up”.
  • “Making you think about the question in parts, to find the exact problem you have with it.”
  • “Able to see where you are at, relative to the difficulty of the task.”