TERISSA method

TERISSA stands for Task Evaluation and Reflection Instrument for Student Self Assessment. TERISSA can help you to further improve your grades and to become more efficient in learning. This simple technique has been used by hundreds of RMIT students with proven success. Most of the students surveyed on TERISSA stated that it has helped them in recognising their knowledge gaps, assisting them to enhance their understanding and improving in their course performance.

Try the TERISSA method

Try the interactive problems below and apply the TERISSA method. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what is TERISSA yet, there will be guidance throughout the examples.


Enjoy the game where farmer John has to cross three of his friends - the wolf, goat and cabbage - safely across the river.


An oldie but a goodie is never forgotten. This classic mind games now comes with TERISSA, a perfect universal problem to try the TERISSA method.