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TERISSA stands for Task Evaluation and Reflection Instrument for Student Self Assessment. TERISSA engages students in self-assessment of their subject knowledge whilst they are involved in active learning (preparing written submissions, resolving problems, completing home/class assignments, conducting laboratory work, etc). It is a learning and teaching tool which requires students to complete two task evaluations: one when the task is first presented, and the other after the task has been resolved. Students then reflect on each of these evaluations and on the reasons for any discrepancy between them. This process engages students in regular reflection, provides them with valuable feedback on their learning and gradually enhances their thinking and problem solving skills. TERISSA can also provide teaching staff with feedback on student understanding of the course.

More information on TERISSA can be found in the paper Using Task Evaluation and Reflection Instrument for Student Self-Assessment (TERISSA) To Improve Educational Assessment and Feedback (download the file 'TERISSA Paper' below).