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Wellbeing in Educational Contexts

Authors: Susan Carter and Cecily Andersen

Abstract: Wellbeing has been identified as a serious issue for principals, teachers and students within educational contexts. The problem of principal health and wellbeing has also been recognised at both national and state levels in Australia for the at least a decade and has been acknowledged as an issue of concern by the state, private, and independent school sectors.here is, however, a lack of consensus as to the application and delivery of wellbeing programs within educational systems and educational contexts and it is in this space the authors hope to make worthwhile contribution.


Opening Eyes onto Inclusion and Diversity

Authors: Susan Carter, Professor Lindy-Anne Abawi, Professor Jill Lawrence, Associate Professor Charlotte Brownlow, Renee Desmarchelier, Melissa Fanshawe, Kathryn Gilbey, Michelle Turner, and Jillian Guy

Abstract: In Australia and internationally much still needs to occur to promote inclusive practices in education and society with many educators not feeling equipped to recognise or appreciate diversity or cater effectively for inclusion. It is into this space that a University of Southern Queensland team of researchers, practitioners, and academics intends to contribute an open textbook “Opening Eyes onto Inclusion and Diversity”. With embedded audio–visual components, the Open Textbook is designed to enhance the quality of the reader’s experience with each chapter posing key understandings underpinning inclusion and diversity. Readers are encouraged to answer questions on culture, special learning needs, varied educational contexts, gender diversity and more. The key expected outcome of this open textbook is to engage readers in making meaning of inclusion and diversity and applying their learning to their own individual contexts.