This project is complete and the information has been archived. See RMIT Open Press

Adopt a textbook

If you are looking for an open textbook to adopt in your teaching , below are suggested steps to find and adopt an open textbook.

Using an open textbook

  1. Find the right textbook. Search the Collection.

  2. Review and evaluate to see if it matches your criteria and based on content, presentation, online accessibility, production options, platform compatibility, delivery options, interactivity, consistency between online and printed versions, and available ancillary material (test banks, PowerPoints, etc.)
  3. Decide you want to use as is or modify it. One of the benefits of open textbooks is flexibility to modify and customize them for specific course designs as much or as little as you desire. If you want to make edits or append content, make sure the Creative Commons licence allows for that (every CC licence except the non-derivative licence allows for modifications). If you are interested in modifying an open textbook, contact the representative from your home institution for a discussion:

  4. Distribute to your students. There are a number of ways in which you can do this.
    • You can download copies of the book and place them into your Reading List or upload them to your online course.
    • You can also host copies within your Libraries digital collections repository. Contact for each Uni Library digital collections.

  5. Let us know. If you adopt an open textbook from this site, tell us about it. Adoption information is important to the long term viability of the open textbook project.