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To keep the audience interested your presentation must be lively and varied. A range of strategies are explained here to improve your oral presentation skills.


An introduction to oral presentation basics covering preparation, research, planning and organisation, writing and practicing your presentation.

Oral presentations

Resources to help you prepare for oral presentations at university.

Oral presentations basics

This tutorial series will take you through what is required to prepare and deliver an effective oral presentation.

Oral presentations: Part 1-4

This series of four videos covers preparing for a group presentation, how to structure your presentation, presentation skills and having a clear message.


Planning and group work. Good planning lays the groundwork for successfully completing the task.


The following strategies can help make your oral presentation more interesting.


Most presentations/speeches follow the standard structure of introduction, body and conclusion.

The presentation

Video task to complete a tutorial on giving a presentation. Watch the complete oral presentation and read the transcript which has been annotated for you. Take notice of the various techniques...