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Critical reading and note-making

This tutorial covers strategies to help manage academic reading and enhance your critical understanding.

How to take notes

A summary of note-taking "bottleneck problems" and retention of information, explaining how to identify key and minor points, and how to use chunking to simplify the process.

Identify key issues

When writing case studies, it is vital to identify the major issues and their causes, to propose appropriate solutions later.

Maximising your study sessions

Information to help you maximise your study session including organising information, categorising information visually, and identifying topics that are likely to be on the exam

Note sharing

There are specific rules around sharing notes and university materials, both with classmates and third parties.


Note-taking is an active process that enhances your ability to concentrate and learn. This tutorial will show you how to improve your study skills in this area.

Read the case

How to read a case - case report writing at university.

Researching your assignment

Information about conducting academic research such as finding information, reading and note taking.

Taking good notes

Taking good notes for study purposes

Using abbreviations

Abbreviations are a useful tool when studying and especially when taking notes.