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D1 Limit of a function

Learn how to find limits of functions.

A1.3 Removing brackets

Brackets are a common part of mathematical equations. They are used to express mathematical formulae. This module explains how to remove brackets.

A1.4 Algebraic fractions: Addition and subtraction

Learn how to use addition and subtraction for fractions involving pro-numerals and variables.

A1.5 Algebraic fractions: Multiplication and division

In this module we cover the multiplication and division of fractions containing algebraic terms involving pro-numerals and variables.

A2.1 Rearranging formulae

Rearranging formulas, also called transposition of formulas, is a necessary skill for most courses. This module provides essential skills in manipulating formulas.

A2.2 Rearranging formulas: Brackets and fractions

Learn how to manipulate or rearrange formulas that involve fractions and brackets.

A2.3 Transposition of formulas with challenges

Here we demonstrate manipulating or rearranging complex formulas. Includes overviews and practice questions.


Links to videos explaining different aspects of arithmetic: decimals, fractions, numbers, percentages & surds, and measurement

Complex numbers

To obtain solutions to equations which can't be solved with the real number system, complex numbers were developed. these instructional worksheets will help you to improve your skills in this area of...

Converting activity 2

Learning activity 2 for converting between large and small units in nursing calculations.

D2 Gradients, tangents and derivatives

Learn how to find the gradient of a curve at a particular point and so find the tangent to the curve at the point.

D3 Differentiation from first principles

Learn how to take a derivative of a function using first principles.

D4 Rules for differentiation

What are the rules of differentiation and how do we use them? Differentiation using common established rules (not needing to use first principles).

D5 The chain rule

Learn how to use the chain rule to take derivatives of composite functions.

D6 The product rule

Learn how to differentiate a function that comprises one function multiplied by another function.

D7 The quotient rule

Learn how to differentiate a function that comprises one function divided by another function.

D8 Maxima and minima

Learn how to find the maximum or minimum values of a function or graph.


Watch the videos on various decimals topics to develop your maths skills in this area.

Differential equations

information about differential equations to help you build your skills in this area of Mathematics


Watch these videos on differentiation in mathematical functions to develop your maths skills in this area.