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Integrating evidence

To reinforce your argument, integrate the analysis of experts by using citations - both direct and indirect.


This section outlines how to write the introduction for your critical writing assignment

Propositional writing

Propositional writing sets out a plan of action or design intent. It presents clearly what the project or idea is, outlines why certain actions or design elements are significant (the reasoning...


Clear and accurate referencing, using the correct referencing system, is an important aspect of tertiary academic writing.

Reflective writing in design

Reflecting on practice is an important means of developing expertise in design. Structured reflection involves identifying significant events that lead to learning, identifying their value and...

Studio knowledge object

The studio knowledge object records learning and insights gained in a design studio course.

Sustainable creative practice

A reflective activity that shows ways to think about your art or design working methods and processes that helps you to sustain your creative practice over time. It outlines how you can support and...