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V1 Introduction to vectors

Introduces vectors, vector components, unit vectors, vector magnitude and how to add and subtract vectors.

V10 Distance from a point to a plane

Learn how to find the perpendicular distance from a point to a plane.

V11 Directional derivatives

Learn how to find the directional derivative of a function of two variables f(x,y) or three variables g(x,y,z) at a point and in a given direction.

V2 Resolution of vectors

Learn how to break vectors up into two components. Very important for resolving forces in physics.

V5 Projection of vectors

Learn how to find the scalar or vector projection of a vector in the direction of a second vector.

V6 Vector equation of a line

Learn how to find the vector equation, the parametric equation, and the symmetric equation of a line in three dimensional space.

V7 Intersecting lines in 3D

Learn how to determine if two lines in three dimensions intersect and, if so, their point of intersection.

V8 Equation of a plane

Learn how to find the equation of a plane: a) through three points or b) given a normal and a point on the plane or c) given a parallel plane and a point on the plane.

V9 Intersecting planes

Learn how to determine the angle between two intersecting planes and the equation of the line of intersection.


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A vector is a quantity that has a magnitude and a direction. These measurement worksheets will help you improve your skills in this area of maths.