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Critical thinking


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Logical fallacies

Understanding and identifying commonly used fallacies will help you to critically analyse claims people make.

Misused evidence

Five logical fallacies relating to evidence. Logical fallacies are mistakes in reasoning. They make flawed claims. The examples below are using flawed evidence to make their case

Persuasive language techniques

What language techniques does Dawson use in her article? Are they persuasive? Is she demonstrating bias?

Reading skills

Resources including videos, tutorials and study tips for improving reading efficiency and critical reading skills for academic studies

What is critical thinking?

An overview of critical thinking including Bloom's Taxonomy of learning objectives

What is critical thinking?

A brief explanation of critical thinking and how it helps you write better essays.

Why think critically?

Importance of critical thinking. Critical thinking is necessary for every aspect of your study. At university in Australia, lecturers expect you to do more than just describe a theory or concept in...