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Skimming and scanning


Step 3

Skim and scan for main ideas and details.

Image of book explaining to read headings and introduction, 
											 scan topic sentences of paragraphs,read subheadings, final paragraph 
											 and conclusion.

Image of student reading highlighting that they need to skim for important and 
							 repeated words, linking words, names and numbers

Headings: The heading of the text.

Introduction: This is the introduction of the text. It introduces the topic.

Topic sentence: Usually first. Read the first line of the topic sentence to get an idea of what the topic is about. The rest of the text is the body text, which sometimes contains subheadings of the subject being discussed.

Final paragraph: This is the final paragraph. Always read the final paragraph.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the text.

Skim and scan in order to pick up:

  • important key words
  • repeated key words
  • linking words
  • names (capital letters)
  • numbers