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Resources for nursing



APA referencing
If you have not used referencing for writing assignments in an Australian university environment before, then this video is a good place to start. This video gives an overview of why, where and when we reference with a few examples of what a reference citation looks like using the APA style.

Academic Integrity for Nursing
You demonstrate academic integrity when you present your work honestly. You do this by acknowledging the work of others and how it has contributed to your own ideas.


Nursing calculations
A comprehensive series of 10 videos with interactive activities and worksheets. These resources have been designed to help nursing students understand the mathematical concepts found in common nursing calculations. Real-life concrete examples are used throughout.

Critical incident reflection
Are you wondering what reflective writing is about? Do you need help deciding what sort of incident you should select? Are you clear on what a variable is? This series of videos covers how to structure and write a critical incident reflection.

Case study reports
These two short videos focus on the concept of a case study report and how it differs from an essay as well as how to keep your writing, patient centred.

Active reading approaches
Don’t feel burdened by that big text book. Reading can be a smorgasbord rather than a weighty 16 course meal. This video will show you how to approach your required reading without becoming overwhelmed.