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Reflective writing



  • Critical incident report for nursing: Parts 1 - 4

    Are you wondering what reflective writing is about? Do you need help deciding what sort of incident you should select? Are you clear on what a variable is? This series of videos covers how to structure and write a critical incident reflection.

Online tutorial

Writing an academic reflection

Reflective writing requires you to think deeply about your learning experience. This tutorial models the reflection process and demonstrates how to integrate references and student analysis into your writing.

Reflective writing in design: Writing a Studio Knowledge Object

This resource provides a guide for writing a structured reflection for a studio knowledge object (SKO). The studio knowledge object records learning and insights gained in a design studio course. These insights may be as small as learning a new method for improving your workflow efficiency, or as profound as a change in perspective on design or interest in a new career direction. Your specific learning moments are individual to you. By articulating them in words and demonstrating them through design you can communicate the value of your learning to others. This is the purpose of the knowledge object.

Assignment slammer

This short tutorial walks you through the process of preparing, planning and writing an assignment with quick links to the resources you can use at each stage.

Study tips

Reflective writing (PDF 42.2KB)

Essays, reports, reflective writing (PDF 75.9KB)