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Reading skills


How do I read efficiently?

Students can be easily overwhelmed by the amount of reading they are required to do at university. This short video gives you an overview of what makes an efficient reader and shows you how to become one yourself.


Active reading approaches

Don’t feel burdened by that big text book. Reading can be a smorgasbord rather than a weighty 16 course meal. This video will show you how to approach your required reading. It was originally designed for health science students but is relevant for all students.


Reading skills basics
This resource covers much of the same information but with more depth. Learn about skimming and scanning strategies as well as how to organise the information you have just read.

Critical thinking - Critical reading
This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to develop your critical thinking skills. You will be taken through a nine-step guide to critical reading using an article of your choice or the article provided. At the end of the tutorial you will have read your chosen article, evaluated its strengths and weaknesses, made notes summarising the article, and developed skills in critical reading.