Managing My Time


Why manage your time?
  This short animated video gives you an overview of time management and some practical suggestions on how to effectively manage your time.
  Using a study planner
  This short video gives you a practical demonstration of how to use the  study planners that are freely provided by the Study and Learning Centre.

Online tutorial

Time management (Tutorial)
  Time management is an important skill needed for both your daily life and to manage your study. This online tutorial provides you with a practical tool kit to help you succeed in your studies. It includes helpful hints, goal setting strategies, downloadable planners and interactive activities to plan your day.


Time management and procrastination (7m03s/4.03MB)
  Time management issues (6m10s/3.52MB)
  Setting goals and making plans (6m30s/3.72MB)
  Transcript (PDF 274KB)

Study tips

Time management (PDF 254KB)
  Weekly study planner (DOCX 24KB)
  2015 A2 Semester planner (PDF 233KB)