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Artist statement - examples


A good artist statement communicates ideas with clarity. You don’t have to follow a formal structure, and there is no right or wrong way to write your statement.

The examples from professional artists and designers in this section are all different in length, format, communication style, structure, and use of vocabulary.

The statements presented here were written as part of a creative or research project, or as part of a presentation, exhibition, assessment, or documentation of creative work.

View the videos, read these statements, analyse their content and structure, to improve your understanding of how to write an engaging and effective artist statement.


Video artist statements

Select the artist names to view each video artist statement. All videos have auto-generated closed captions and a transcript of the spoken statement.

Elizabeth Gower

he loves me, he loves me not, 2016, RMIT Gallery

Transcript (RTF)    

Parul Thaker

Unfolding: New Indian Textiles 2015, RMIT Gallery

Warning! Part of this video (at 0:34-0:47 seconds) has rapidly changing still images and may affect some people who are sensitive to light or motion.

Transcript (RTF)    


Ei Wada

Experimenta Recharge 2015, RMIT Gallery

Transcript (RTF)    


Khaled Sabsabi

Experimenta Recharge 2015, RMIT Gallery

Transcript (RTF)    


Anasia Franco

Experimenta Recharge 2015, RMIT Gallery

Warning! Flashing light effects in part of this video (at 0:22-0:28 seconds) may affect some people who are sensitive to light.

Transcript (RTF)    




Artist statement examples (learning activities)

Select the artist names to open example statements and view the different structural parts of each example, or download a text transcript version.

Select the buttons below to open each example in a popup box.



Screen media & photography statements

These links to exernal resources contain several examples of artist statements for screen and media research, and photography.

Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy, Issue 3, 2021

Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association, ISSN: 2653-1801 (Online)

This third issue of Sightlines: Filmmaking in the Academy Journal follows the third Sightlines Conference held at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), 2019. The practitioners featured are mostly academic staff or PhD candidates based in screen production disciplines. Each submission contains an artist research statement, creative work, two peer reviews and a final response from contributors. In some cases, this final response includes a revised research statement that clarifies the aims, objectives, or methodologies of the screen work.

Sightlines Journal, Issue 3, 2021


Artist statements for photography

Art School Portal, 2017 (external link)

This web page contains a short overview of  writing an artist statement for photography, with examples of artist statements by well-known and significant photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Rineke Dijkstra and Fiona Hall.

Artist statements for photography