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Academic integrity



  • Academic integity: Perspectives

    RMIT academics give us an insight into their thoughts and views on academic integrity. An RMIT student also gives his perspective.

Online tutorials and resources

Introduction to academic integrity

This tutorial is an introduction the main concepts of academic integrity and why it is important.

Quiz: Is it plagiarism?

Try this short quiz to test your understanding of some of the myths about plagiarism and academic integrity.

Academic integrity for nursing

Academic integrity for art & design

These resources have been designed for specific descipline areas. They focus on what is academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism and include referencing, paraphrasing and some short quizzes.

Academic integrity (Harvard)

This brief, general tutorial on academic integrity focuses on how to avoid plagiarism and includes referencing using the Harvard style.

RMIT Cred: Academic Integrity Awareness

Register for this short course to learn what academic integrity is, what it looks like, and where to find resources to help you develop your own academic integrity. Do the test to earn an RMIT Creds progress badge.