This activity addresses the critical aspects of assessment for the competency BCGBC4010A Apply structural principles to residential low-rise constructions. The activity consolidates your knowledge gained from working through the topics in this competency. This activity could be used as an assessment tool.

At the conclusion of this activity you will have:

  • identified and analysed the applied loads
  • planned the demolition of an asbestos clad dwelling
  • explained the role of industry professionals
  • checked project documentation
  • assessed project documentation for conformance with BCA
  • explained the process for assessing new and emerging technologies
  • conducted a pre-commencement site inspection
  • prepared a footing layout
  • recommended a suitable termite protection system
  • prepared a bearer and floor joist layout for a conventional and a long span floor
  • prepared a slab layout
  • planned the installation of a platform floor
  • investigated the procedure for installation of fitted floors
  • prepared a schedule of members for the wall frame
  • prepared a marked-up drawing for bracing and hold-downs
  • explained the construction principles for a variety of wall cladding systems
  • identified allowances for the installation of relevant services
  • checked the installation of roof trusses
  • identified conventional roof frame members
  • explained the construction principles for a variety of roof cladding systems
  • analysed the installation of windows in accordance with accepted industry principles
  • prepared a quality procedure for the following systems
    • footings
    • floors
    • walls
    • roof

You can download the following documents, photos and working drawings. You may wish to print some of them by clicking on the 'Print' button.


  • the overview and questions (case study)
  • the photos
  • the plans
  • the soil report.