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Committed action

Committed action

Welcome to Chapter 6 of 6 ACT Conversations an audio program from RMIT University Counselling Service designed to help you live a balanced and fulfilling life while completing your program of study.

The program uses concepts from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or ACT for short. But it is not meant to take the place of counselling, psychotherapy or mental health treatment. Although you can listen to the program in any sequence you wish, you should listen to the disclaimer and about this program files before starting.

In this final session, Committed Action, we're going to ask you, finally, to stop listening and take action. I know I've said just a moment ago that you can listen to this program in any sequence you wish, but my recommendation would be that if you've come to this section of 6 ACT Conversations first, that you listen at least to sections 2 and 5 as the exercises and material in them will be very relevant to what we discuss and do in this section. However if all you're looking for from this program is tips on goal-setting and action planning, I hope this is helpful with that. And of course on this page of the website you'll find a collection of links to other resources on these topics.